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Bridal Makeup                              $170

Bridal Hair                                    $165

Bridal Party Makeup                   $135

Bridal Party Hair                         $125

Men's Grooming                           $50

Flower girl                                    $55


Makeup trial                               $140

Hair trial                                     $120

Deposit                                        40%

*Travel fee will depend on location

What's inclided

Bridal Makeup 

Includes skin preparation, lashes, full face makeover, touch up kit.                      

Bridal Hair         

Includes any style, accessory placement and veil placement.                                                  

Bridal Party Makeup   

Includes skin preparation, lashes, full face makeover.                                           

Bridal Party Hair   

Includes any style.                                               


Men's Grooming 

Skin preparation, light makeup, simple hairstyling.                                                   

Flower girl 

Hairstyling, light makeup.

Child must be 12 or younger. 


Makeup/Hair Trial                                                             

Trial is a separate service. It's not included in your day of wedding charges.                                                             


40%  non refundable deposit to save the date which goes towards the total.

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