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Self Makeup Class

During this personalized session we will embark on an exciting journey to explore the art of self-makeup together. Whether you're a comlete beginner or have some basic knowledge, these classes are designed to cater specifically to your needs and skill level.


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1. Introduction

2. Walking through your current makeup products

3. 5 main brushes

4. Skin preparation

5. Foundation (which one to use and how to apply)

6. Concealers and under eye area. Pro hacks

7. Contouring

8. Perfect eyebrow shape for you

9. Daytime eye makeup

10. Night time eye makeup

11. False lashes application

12. Sexy lips

13. Conclusion


Who needs this course and why?

  • To look beautiful for yourself  and boost your self-esteem

  • To look beautiful for husband/boyfriend

  • Moms on maternity leave

  • Maybe you are single? Then is good to be "ready"

  • Or maybe you have some imperfections on your face? I can help you to cover them professionally!

  • Update your makeup bag

  • To change the usual makeup routine and make your look more expressive

Girl is smiling

Duration 3 hr

Also you will get full access to my makeup kit and one month online support after the class!

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Every woman is unique! Let's embrace your own unique beauty together!

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Master Classes for PROs

Whether you just starting out as a makeup artist or have an experience and looking for some inspiration and new hacks - You are in a right place!

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Basic Makeup Course

Who need this course?

  • who is dreaming to become makeup artist

  • has no experience or very minimal

  • who wants to be a part of beauty world and start earning money

  • who wants to practice classic and modern makeup techniques 

What you will learn?

  1.  What should be in Makeup kit

  2. Creating a hygienic work space, including the proper care of brushes and other tools

  3. Facial anatomy

  4. All steps of makeup application

  5. False lashes application

  6. And more (All tips and tricks I know)

  7. This class is hands-on! We will be practicing on models


Recommended duration is at least 13 hours (4-4.5 h/day).

Class can be customized depending on your needs.

Full access to my makeup kit and one month online support after the class!

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Fashion photography with deep shadow

Advanced Makeup Class

If you are makeup artist and want to gain new knowledge, improve your skills and get inspired this class is for you.

Duration 5 hr

Full access to my makeup kit!

What to expect?

  • We will  practice 2 makeup looks of your choice

  • I will share all my knowledge

  • I will show all my favorite products and brushes

  • We will create beautiful content 

What to bring:

  • A model or someone to work your magic on

  • Your makeup kit

Makeup artist is applying lipstick
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